Our Mission

3s Agro Services Limited started as a limited company on June 08, 2008. Since its inception, the company has focused on supplying high quality agricultural inputs to farmers all across the country. The company boasts a strong network of field colleagues dedicated to work closely with the farmers at every stage- from selling the inputs to harvesting the crop. The company initially started with supplying maize seeds, and then later expanded the business to include hybrid vegetable seeds, hybrid rice seeds, OP rice seeds, crop protection products and agricultural sprayers.

The main agricultural materials, seeds, especially in the corn seed business, have contributed to the incredible success and are still delivering high-quality vegetable seeds, fertilizers, various types of pesticides and agricultural sprayers to the doorsteps of farmers through many distributors and numerous retailers across the country. Apart from this, one of the efforts of 3s Agro Services Limited Company is to deliver agricultural information services to farmers through regular farmer meetings by skilled and experienced field level colleagues.

Our Vision

3s Agro Services Limited strongly believes in working at the farm level ensuring profit for distributors and farmers alike. The company aims to empower farmers through raising awareness and improving their knowledge.